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Getting Your Brand Noticed

Written by Roseann M. Maudlin

Once you’ve chosen your business name, had a designer make a beautiful logo, and started your own company, you need to build your business through sales and recognition. Even after a store launch or a brand launch, there’s bound to be a slump in the amount of attention your business needs. While there are plenty of strategies that can help you build a brand, there aren’t those many that can get it noticed without actively putting a lot of money and research into it. Branding exercises as a whole need to be about recognition and recall. If you can get people to recognise and remember your brand at odd places and while speaking to others, you are bound to get inquiries and an increase in sales.

Let us look at ways to help get your brand noticed across platforms.

Shop Fascias

This might seem a bit old-fashioned, but shop fascias have an instant brand recall. If you own a brick and mortar establishment or are helping a friend with a set-up, the first thing to consider would be to make a shop fascia. Brilliant in color and logo, with the perfect font, the rectangular shop fascia can create a powerful brand identity for customers. People get attracted to well-made signboards that clearly state the purpose of the establishment of business venture.

You would not go to a fish shop to buy medicine. You can go to the correct place because of clear shop fascias that declare the nature of the business. Innovative brand colours and legible fonts can help get your brand noticed even in crowds. Get your acrylic plastics online, available from Cut My Sign, for affordable, durable shop signs.

Social Media Presence

Start your company or brand pages across social media platforms to get global recognition. Populate these pages with media content about your company, its products or services, and invite people to try them. Start by hosting small social media contests that allow users to share content and link other people. Encourage current users of your products or services to share photos, images, videos, or write-ups about your brand and offer them a small discount on their next purchase. Social media marketing is often more affordable than other methods of digital marketing, like PPC and SEO, note

Populate shareable and relevant content to your social media pages by inviting users to share their experiences. Some of the best brand building and recall happens when people start talking or discussing a particular brand. Give your users a story about the origins of the brand and company and how you would envision it to go further and let them assist you with their inputs. If you make your brand a local favorite, people will start recommending it to others also.

Branding Collateral

Start printing your brand on mugs, USB chargers, t-shirts, stationery, flyers, and wherever else you can think of. Hand these out to your customers or high priority clients and invite them to share their photos with your merchandise on their social media platforms. Branding collateral always works brilliantly in interacting with clients and customers directly.

Use trendy imagery when trying to communicate with a younger generation of people while opting for older representation for mature adults. Youngsters want everything to be right now in terms of fun, enjoyment, speed, and action, as against adults who have the patience to wait.  Make your branding exercise a fun event by printing on stickers, fridge magnets, bumper stickers, and so on.


We have all heard the old saying, ‘there are bigger fish in the sea.’ Make use of influencers and people who are already well established in your field of work. Cooperating and working with these people will help significantly in furthering your brand and getting it noticed. Influencers have a host of followers that will be able to view the benefits of buying from your company or associating with your brand to give it credibility and recognition.

Upload videos, images, photos, explainer videos, animated short stories, infographics, or just a few words about how your brand was noticed and shared by an influencer in your area or region. Invest time in finding a strategy and an influencer in your industry who can help get your brand noticed by thousands of people.

There is no single way to get your brand noticed immediately. You have to be patient and committed to slowly gaining recognition for your brand. To have your brand viewed as an authority, you must be flexible to options regarding avenues to get your brand noticed. Directly running an advertising and public relations media campaign will not help get the brand recall that the business needs. You must allow your brand to become the face of the company and enable it to further the growth and success of your business.


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